Hello world!

Hi, this is the first post on here so I may as well write this as an introduction for all of you. My name is Sebastian and I am a college student (at the time of writing). I’m not much of a writer but every once in a while I come across something that makes me want to tell everyone about. A lot of whats going to show up here are new technologies that I’m experimenting with and progress reports of some of my side projects.

My experience with programming started when I was 13 and I learned come basic C++ (mostly just the syntax, at this point I knew nothing of good design patterns). After this I started to get into Flash games and I worked on those for a few years  until I realized that there was a lot more to programming and that I needed more experience before I could make a better game. I went through a lot of other languages  and platforms  (Python, Java, Android, Unity) trying to see what games I could make and nothing panned out. Since then I learned Javascript and few other languages and now have an web development internship. My current game project is called Haggle, and this will be 4th attempt at making the game.

I hope that I can study Computer Science with a focus on Computer Graphics. I was a theater techie and I think it’d be damn cool to take my skills and apply it to the theater field (or movies and whatnot) some day.

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