Setting Goals

So I’m back once again to try and keep a regular blogging schedule. No one really has visited my blog up to this point so they wouldn’t know but I’ve promised many times that I’d try and post every week or month or so. I would make a promise and then I’d promptly forget all about it and eventually I’d finally think of something decent to write about or my domain would come up for renewal so I’d make a post or completely blow my blog away and start fresh. However, I think I may have found a way to force myself into saying something every so often. I am now trying out Google Calendar’s Goal setting feature. It looks at your schedule and tries to schedule you some “me time” for when you want to achieve something. I currently have a setup to try and post something every week, and it has proven rather compelling in making me come to the site and at least look through comments that need approval and updating plugins etc.

Hopefully I won’t just start deferring my goal to post and there will be a steady stream of updates as I find some topics to write about. At my internship right now there are some workflows that I find interesting that I may choose to write about such as:

  • Debugging
  • Unit testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • JavaScript Framework Building
  • Node and ES6 features

As a reminder I do a lot of full-stack dev for simple web tools and a tiny bit of big website development. Mostly its MySQL, MSSQL, PHP, and Javascript with tiny bits of other items thrown in every once in a while. Stay tuned for details as I flush out a schedule for covering some of these topics!

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