Setting Goals

So I’m back once again to try and keep a regular blogging schedule. No one really has visited my blog up to this point so they wouldn’t know but I’ve promised many times that I’d try and post every week or month or so. I would make a promise and then I’d promptly forget all […]

HTML5 CSS Crossview

A couple weeks ago while browsing reddit I stumbled across a very cool Android UI button that I thought was genius.  In particular this element would be great for lists where you want to add or remove options, like a choose your toppings list for a burger, add or remove toppings. I thought that this would […]


So over the week since I decided to come back to blogging I realized that of I was going to make sure I posted regularly I need to work on my projects to find something new and insightful to write about. Hopefully I’ll find the time to work on my projects enough to post something […]

Hello world!

Hi, this is the first post on here so I may as well write this as an introduction for all of you. My name is Sebastian and I am a college student (at the time of writing). I’m not much of a writer but every once in a while I come across something that makes me […]